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Memory Foam Furniture is our passion because of our experience with memory foam. Our owner is a veteran suffering from Gulf War Syndrome and was having a hard time getting a good nights sleep. Memory Foam products changed that and we want to bring our products to others that can benefit from them.

Our products are priced at a level that cannot be found elsewhere! We do this because we want you to be able to afford memory foam products. It is unnecessary to purchase a mattress for $5,000 when we offer products of comparable value at a much lower price.

Take a look around and let us know what you think at

Memory Foam is becoming a very popular item here online! The problem is that not everybody is honest about their product and there are specific things one must look for when thinking about purchasing memory foam products. Memory Foam was discovered by NASA. NASA was looking for a material that would absorb the tremendous G-Forces that were pushing against the astronauts during takeoff. Swedish scientists decided that this material would be great for bedding products. Now memory foam is used for all kinds of products from mattresses to pillows, from cushions, to pet beds and beyond.

There are a few specific tricks that sellers are currently using on ebay that we should all be watching for:

Density is one of the most important things to watch for with memory foam. If someone is saying their product is 5.0 or 6.0, make sure that it is followed by lbs. or pounds because that is how density is measured in memory foam. Some sellers are referring to the weight of 2 cubic feet of memory foam, which is not a proper measurement. The actual density of this product is between 2.5 and 3 lb. Tempurpedic mattresses are made of 5.3 lb. density memory foam. Doctors and Chiropractors recommend a 4.0 lb. memory foam because it is less firm and costs less. Any density below 4.0 lb. is not going to last very long, the higher the density the longer the foam will retain all of its original properties. 3.0 lb. memory foam and anything less dense is not recommended for bedding products because it doesn't provide enough support to the body.
If an item is priced too low, there is probably a reason. Unless a person is selling a used product, no memory foam topper or overlay should be selling for $25 - $30. If a price is too good to be true, there is probably a reason for it. Make sure you ask questions of sellers with prices that seem too low. It is one thing to find a great deal and another to be ripped off and stuck with a product that isn't what it should be.
Be wary of any mattress that has less than 2 inches of memory foam. Memory foam mattresses all have a base to give support to the foam, not your body. Stomach sleepers should use at least 2 inches of memory foam and side or back sleepers should have 3 or 4 inches of memory foam for proper support.
These tricks are stealing money from people every day. Remember that people cannot go back and leave more feedback in a year when their product stops working.

These steps below are the most important things that will help you get the most bang for your buck with memory foam products:

Stay informed! Be aware of what you like and what you don't. 5.0 lb. memory foam can be too firm for some people. If you like a softer mattress than you would be better off with the less expensive 4.0 lb. memory foam. There are also beds that combine the firmness of 5.0 lb. foam with a plush softer layer of the 4.0 lb. foam.
Do your research! Check in as many places as possible. Ebay is a great place to purchase memory foam items as they are much cheaper here than on the rest of the web, but your research should be done through search engines like Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Check what websites are offering products for and what they come with. This will help you know what to expect from a good seller. Also, check ebay stores, paypal shops, and any other places you might find sellers that you can trust.
Make sure you know the density of the product you are buying. It is important to know what to expect from your memory foam products.
Check the warranty! Tempurpedic warranties their mattresses for 20 years and you should not spend your money with a company that doesn't give you 20 years on a warranty.
Check the trial time! You need at least a few weeks to find out whether memory foam is right for you. If you don't get at least a 30 day trial, don't buy the mattress! There is a reason for them not to offer you a trial. Be wary of sellers that don't offer a decent amount of time to test their product. Keep in mind that you will have to repackage the mattress and ship it back at your own expense, you should feel good about purchasing from the retailer you choose.
Free to ask us any questions you can come up with. Thank you for reading our memory foam buying guide!

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